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Gaim Conference - Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Event

Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Conference Where 200+ Hedge Fund Managers & 250 Active Investors Meet

Programme Highlights From 2013

Economic & Strategic Updates From Leading Industry Thinkers

  • What economic obstacles are coming our way? 
  • How should this impact your investment strategy?

John is a renowned investment expert and Charles is a leading economist, they joined us to offer an all important global economic briefing.


 John Mauldin, President,

   Charles Dumas,
Chairman & Chief Economist,

The GAIM 2013 Philosophical Address


Nassim Taleb

Following his great popularity last year, Nassim is joining us again to go into more depth on his theories and the public’s response.  He offered insight on..

Things That Gain From Disorder


Fresh Thinking For Traditional Strategies


Patrick Wolff
Founder & Managing Member

Patrick, a chess grandmaster, applied his thinking to hedge fund management.

What Else Happened at GAIM 2013?

  • NEW! GAIM Manager Selection Board- to ensure we gathered together the most skilled industry names and sought out the new managers doing interesting things, a panel of investors advised GAIM on the managers to invite for 2013. 
  • NEW! Hedge Funds & Philanthropy Focus – Can we use finance as a means to an end? How far has the hedge fund community come so far and just how far could we go?  An esteemed panel discussed this new theme in front of a packed crowd.
  • NEW! GAIM Select - One To One Bookable Meetings: GAIM is a fantastic place to bump into old friends and make many new business contacts. Sometimes the conversations you want to have aren’t suited to our ever-popular coffee house so for 2013 we offered a private meeting platform for managers to have targeted meetings with a selection of end investors in the luxurious GAIM MeetSuites. The feedback was great!

The GAIM Challenge: How Long Does It Take A Hedge Fund Manager To Row The Atlantic?



Nick Rees

 In December 2013, Nick Rees, a regular GAIM attendee and speaker, will row across the Atlantic Ocean unsupported.  To put the size of the challenge in context, Nick will be rowing all day every day for over three months in shifts of 2 hours on, 2 hours off. He will cover over 2,700 nautical miles, will pass through the roughest seas with wave swell likely to reach over 40 feet. It is estimated that he will burn 8,000 calories a day, lose 20% of his body weight during the crossing and have to row more than 1 million strokes during the challenge.

GAIM is supporting Nick in his endeavour and Nick will be joining us at GAIM to tell the story of how he is transforming himself from an investment manager to a lean, mean rowing machine!  He will also be bringing an erg machine with him and challenging you all to set the fastest erg time.  Who will win - the investors or the mangers?!

We have a blog post with Nick describing a life in the day of a hedge fund manager turned Atlantic rower.  You can read more from our blog on: http://blogs.icbi-events.com/gaim/ or visit Nick’s website directly on http://breakthroughatlantic.com/