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Gaim Conference - Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Event

Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Conference Where 200+ Hedge Fund Managers & 250 Active Investors Meet

gaim History

Connecting Investors & Managers For 21 Years: Hedge Funds • Liquid Alternatives • Alternative UCITs

gaim (Global Alternative Investment Management) was founded in 1994 and soon became the world’s largest international alternative investment event, known for its high intellectual content as well as the range, quality and quantity of the global investors and allocators it attracts. It has been held in Geneva, Lausanne, Cannes and, most recently, Monaco. gaim in Monaco is the annual global focal point for global investors to learn about the wider industry and the strategic debate within which alternatives operate, and secondly as an objective platform for the most interesting investment themes and best performing funds from around the world. In challenging times it is critical to come together and find solutions to urgent problems we face. gaim in Monaco is the trusted global hub for that meeting & debate.

Objective Research On Investor Needs: Big Picture Leaders’ Strategy

gaim prides itself on its intellectual content and undertakes extensive original one- to -one research every year to identify the critical themes affecting investors and the industry. Never more important than this year of incrgeased geopolitical uncertainty. Speakers are chosen on an objective basis to address the most pertinent issues, as well as research from many of the leading investors themselves willing to share their knowledge. From big picture economy and strategy to technical new research on asset allocation to risk analytics, to an objective analysis of the new generation of liquid and transparent alternative products gaim covers it all.

Investors Can Assess over 250 Top Performing Funds From Around The World With A Range of Informal Structured Networking Features

  • The gaim Advance & At Event Meeting Planner - Online & Mobile Networking
  • Investor/Asset Manager Speed Networking
  • Delegate Quick Fire Showcases.
  • Small Group Investor Manager Discussions Strategy by Strategy
  • Focussed Group Networking on Key Issues 

gaim Cap Intro Showcases

In 2008 we pioneered the exclusive gaim CapIntro Alliance offering Independent Top Performing Fund Showcases to better connect interested investors with exceptional funds!

Cost & Time Effective Solution To Direct Targeting of Your Clients

gaim in Monaco is a one-stop shop both  for leading investors’ forward planning for their strategic, technical  and due diligence requirements, and for alternative fund management companies to directly target and maximise their exposure to allocators and distributors in the most time effective and cost efficient way possible.

In challenging times, an investment in gaim allows you to cut your domestic and global travel, entertaining and marketing expenses. Firstly by bringing together all the main global investors, protagonists and potential partners in one place one time and secondly by giving you the means to accurately identify and target and meet potential clients.

View the latest agenda for gaim 2015 - Europe's pre-eminent alternatives conference here