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Gaim Conference - Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Event

Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Conference Where 200+ Hedge Fund Managers & 250 Active Investors Meet
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1:1 Manager to Investor Ratio and Global Alternative Investment Management Conference
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Key Insights From Gaim’s Investor Community
What are investors looking for from their alternatives allocation?
An Introduction to gaim
top hedge fund managers speak at gaim alternative investment conference
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120+ top industry speakers on allocation, the economy, markets & the alternatives business plus fresh perspectives from outstanding guest speakers

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Investor & Manager attendees meet through... One to One meetings, fund showcases, strategy match sessions, speed networking and more...

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What do Gaim's leading minds really think? Articles, predictions and more are available in Gaim's magazine, GaimPlan

Photos From The 2014 Event

See the packed Quickfire Showcase, wine tasting, cocktails by the pool and images from high-profile panels

Star Quality At Gaim Alternatives Event

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One To One Meetings: Fill your schedule with up to 30 meetings to be held at your own dedicated meeting table

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Do you want to raise your company's profile and inject thought-leadership at Gaim 2015?

Please contact Luke Raphael to discuss opportunities.

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Investors At Gaim 2014 Included

  • The J. Paul Getty Trust
  • Saint-Donat & Co
  • Edmond de Rothschild
  • Towers Watson Investment Management
  • Headstart Advisers Ltd.
  • Julius Baer
  • Tages Capital
  • Architas Multi Manager
  • Skenderbeg Alternative Investments A G
  • Northill Capital
  • Albourne Partners
  • SwissDirection Wealth Management AG
  • Arena Wealth Management Ltd
  • Landy Partners
  • Charles Connell & Company Ltd
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund In the Middle East
  • Imqubator
  • Erste Group Bank AG
  • Mercer
  • Altana Wealth
  • MB Global Partners, LLC
  • HFIM
  • NewAlpha Asset Management
  • ABN AMRO Private Banking
  • Redington
  • SSARIS Advisors
  • Saint Leonard Family Office
  • EAS
  • Kuwait International Bank
  • Efficient Capital Management
  • Monaco Asset Management
  • Abbey Capital
  • Clarkson & Co
  • Longbow Capital Inc
  • Aris Wealth Management SA
  • Anthony & Cie International
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Migdal Insurance Company Ltd
  • Kairos Partners
  • LSMA Capital
  • Providence Capital NV
  • Venus Management SAM
  • Eagle’s View Asset Management, LLC
  • Pacific Life
  • Culross
  • PAAMCO Europe, LLP
  • EFG Bank (Monaco)
  • UNCF, Inc.
  • Lloyds Banking Group - Pensions Investment & Finance
  • PGGM Investments
  • Octogone Gestion
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Panthera Solutions
  • Pragma
  • Clemson University Foundation
  • Valeco Finance
  • The Pennsylvania State University
  • VK Capital Ltd
  • The Manhattan Family Office
  • GE Asset Management
  • Windermere Bank & Trust Ltd
  • FIS Group
  • Caerus Capital
  • Signia Wealth
  • B Finance
  • Anthony & Cie
  • Morgan Stanley
  • L Investment
  • Gray & Company
  • Quilter Cheviot Investment Management
  • Targamar - Margaronis Family Office
  • VivirImmo SARL
  • CERN Pension Fund
  • Drexel University
  • Al MIDAS International Group
  • Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company
  • Rijn Capital
  • Infinity Capital
  • SBD Global
  • Headstart Advisers
  • Monte Carlo Capital
  • Podium Investments
  • Sparrows Capital
  • SEB
  • Tiburon Capital
  • Maxon Investments
  • Private Investor
  • Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz)
  • Mesirow Advanced Strategies
  • Morabank Asset Management
  • Tiverton Trading
  • Sanostro
  • Longbow Capital

Gaim Is 50% Inspiration 50% Networking

  • Do you want to hear what the hedge fund industry is up to?
  • Do you want to build your network with One to One investor/manager meetings?

Why do one when you can do both?

Join the idea sharing between the key figures driving the hedge fund industry forward. This includes discussions on the hedge fund business model, investment strategies and economic developments with both investors and managers. 

With allocated space on the agenda you can now pre-schedule 30+ half an hour meetings without missing out on any of the sessions. And participate in a variety of networking formats. 

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(updated 17 December 2014)

Interviews With Hedge Fund Experts, Group Discussions and More

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Latest Industry Buzz From The Gaim Blog

An Introduction To Gaim,

Hear from Gaim Conference Director Ellie Bates as she introduces some of the high profile subjects and exciting new formats on the agenda at Gaim 2015.

Read the GaimPlan Online Magazine Now,

The new online GaimPlan magazine for the Gaim conference is now live!  Launched ahead of Gaim 2014 in Monaco, 16-18 June, GaimPlan features articles and previews from a selection of Gaim speakers including: Ian Bremmer, President, Eurasia Group Eric Sprott, CEO & Senior Portfolio Manager, Sprott Assett Management Dr. Michael Hasenstab, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Global Bonds for…

Gaim Guest Speaker Preview: Dr. Michael Hasenstab,

With the Gaim 2014 conference just around the corner, we bring you a sneak preview of the Guest Portfolio Manager Address by Dr. Michael Hasenstab, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Global Bonds, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group. Dr. Hasenstab will present to the Gaim audience on Day 1 of the 20th Anniversary conference,…

Arthur Berd: A Systematic Skills-Driven Approach to Investment Management,

This week on the Gaim blog we showcase the work of Arthur Berd, Founder & CEO of General Quantitative. Arthur will be moderating a panel session on Quant Strategies on 18 June, the third and final day of the Gaim 2014 conference, and has kindly shared the following presentation with us. For the full presentation, click…

Hedge Funds Conclude Volatile 1Q14 With Mixed Performance in March - HFR,

Hedge funds posted mixed performance in March as investor uncertainty over secular unrest in Ukraine and Syria, as well as mixed macroeconomic outlooks for China, Europe and the U.S., contributed to increased volatility across equity, currency, commodity and fixed income markets. Hedge funds posted a narrow decline for the month, with the HFRI Fund Weighted…

Three Ideas for Better Presentations - by Benjamin Ball,

How can you improve your presentations? Here are three simple tips from Benjamin Ball Associates to help you get the results you want. Make a Great First Impression In his bestselling book Thinking Fast Thinking Slow, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman analyses how our brains make decisions. The first part of decision making (thinking fast) is instant,…

Introducing Gaim 2014: 50% Inspiration, 50% Networking,

To celebrate 20 years as Europe’s leading hedge fund event, Gaim as you know it has changed! Hear what the industry is up to & build your network with arranged meetings…Why do one when you can do both? Bringing together inspirational thinkers At Gaim 2014 sessions will focus on collaboration and idea sharing between the key…

What makes Sir Bob Geldof such a powerful communicator? by Benjamin Ball,

Bob Geldof has always come across as a great showman. He’s charismatic, passionate and forceful. But how does he do it? Last week, I had the pleasure of chairing the opening morning of GAIM, the hedge fund conference.  Sir Bob was guest speaker, talking about the fund he chairs, 8 Miles.  This fund invests in African businesses.  He…

Sir Bob Geldof on 'Africa Rising' - GAIM International,

Sir Bob Geldof is one of Africa’s greatest advocates and tirelessly champions its growth story.  He is the Founder and Chairman of 8 Miles, a private equity firm focused exclusively on investments in Africa. We are incredibly honoured and excited that he will be joining us in June at GAIM International, giving a keynote address on “Africa Rising” as…

Hedge Fund Insights with Salvatore Cordaro of Tages Capital,

Salvatore Cordaro is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Tages Capital and will be joining us at GAIM International as part of our esteemed speaker lineup. He will be discussing the topic: Have UCITS Had Their Time Or Is It Still To Come? Salvatore has kindly taken the time to share some of his ‘Hedge Fund Insights’ and…

GAIM Networking App - view the delegate list & connect before the conference,

With just over a month to go until GAIM International in Monaco, we are getting really excited about the brilliant speaker lineup, networking opportunities and sunshine ahead of us at this year’s event. We know how important networking opportunities are at these events but we have gone a step further to offer the GAIM Networking…

Hedge Fund Insights with Dr. Rania Azmi,

In the lead up to GAIM International in Monaco this June, we catch up with Dr. Rania Azmi who will be speaking at the conference in The Middle Eastern Investor Interview: Science Vs. Experience In Investment Decision Making. Rania has kindly taken the time to share some of her ‘Hedge Fund Insights’ and expertise on investment and the outlook…

Hedge Fund Insights with Rob Gardner of Redington,

Rob Gardner is Co-CEO at Redington and will be speaking at GAIM International in Monaco in June on Risk Parity: The Ultimate All-Weather Strategy At Last? Rob has kindly taken the time to share some of his insights and experience in the following hedge fund-focused interview: What’s the biggest challenge an investor faces today? Increased market volatility, political-economic uncertainty and…

Where Philanthropy and The Hedge Fund Industry Meet - ARK,

Ahead of GAIM International 2013 in Monaco, Juliet Carter tells us a little about ARK, the official charity at this year’s conference and how effective philanthropy and the hedge fund industry can be when they come together.  “ARK demonstrates perfectly just how much good can be achieved when the hedge fund industry puts their minds…

Hedge Fund Insights with Matt Roberts of Towers Watson,

Ahead of GAIM International 2013, running this June in Monaco, we gather some interesting industry insights from Matt Roberts, Senior Investment Consultant at Towers Watson.  Matt will be speaking at GAIM International as part of a panel debate on Hedge Fund Strategies. What’s the biggest challenge an investor faces today? Finding good hedges. With bond yields very low,…

What's Hot At GAIM International in June?,

With 2 months to go until GAIM International 2013, we have quizzed the Programme Director, Victoria Chatterton, on all things GAIM! What’s the thinking behind GAIM this year? The theme behind GAIM this year is ‘alternative thinking’.  The people who come to GAIM want to know what’s going on in the industry but they are…

How do you turn a hedge fund manager into an Atlantic rower?,

In December 2013, Nick Rees (37), a UK-based investment manager, will row across the Atlantic Ocean unsupported.  To put the size of the challenge in context, Nick will be rowing all day every day for over three months in shifts of 2 hours on, 2 hours off. He will cover over 2,700 nautical miles, will…

Part 1 - The Elephant in the room- Why is hedge fund performance so lackluster?,

Neal Berger is the Founder and President of Eagle’s View Asset Management LLC. He was a speaker at GAIM International 2012 in June and has kindly shared a paper with us on the GAIM blog. Please note that this is Part 1 of the article; Part 2 can be found below in the next post. We’d like…

Part 2 - The Elephant in the room - Why is hedge fund performance so lackluster?,

Neal Berger is the Founder and President of Eagle’s View Asset Management LLC. He was a speaker at GAIM International 2012 in June and has kindly shared a paper with us on the GAIM blog. Please note that this is Part 2 of the article.   CONTINUED FROM PART 1 (SEE ABOVE POST)… We believe…

Highlights from GAIM International 2012,

GAIM International 2012, the world’s leading hedge fund event, took place in June in Monte Carlo. Here’s what a few attendees had to say about the event: “This year’s GAIM Conference was the best I have attended in many years! It was higher quality with more end investors – many other family offices and pension funds…

Lots of sun at GAIM International but overall mood more grey than sparkly,

James Williams from Hedgeweek shares his article on the GAIM International event, which was held last week in Monte Carlo. See the original article and source here: http://www.hedgeweek.com/2012/06/25/168787/lots-sun-gaim-international-overall-mood-more-grey-bright.   The weather was perfect, clear blue skies and unbroken sunshine in what remains one of Europe’s most iconic locations: Monaco. Transfer that across to the overall…

GAIM International - "We are great believers in hedge funds!",

Sophie Van Straelen,  President of Asterias Ltd, attended GAIM International last week in Monte Carlo. She has kindly shared her thoughts with us below on the event as a whole.   “We are great believers in hedge funds!”, state US investors at the GAIM International Conference. At the annual prime industry conference, GAIM International, last…

GAIM International 2012 Quickfire Showcase Winners Announced 2012,

With wall-to-wall standing room only for investors and delegates GAIM’s famous Quickfire Showcases with Fund Selector Feedback did not disappoint. Over 20 funds had 90 seconds to be compelling and persuasive about why their strategy and their fund was the one to invest in. Braving fund selector and pitch guru feedback  here’s who came out…

Rebuilding The Future - Day 1 of GAIM International,

Sophie Van Straelen,  President of Asterias Ltd, attended GAIM International this week in Monte Carlo. She has kindly shared her thoughts with us below on Day 1 of the event.   Despite the lovely sunshine in Monaco and the fantastic venue, the mood at GAIM International is not so shiny! One can feel the level…

GAIM International 2012 - Innovative Session Tests Manager Presentations - Hedgeweek Special Day 2,

Hedgeweek have kindly shared a couple of articles with us, focusing on the GAIM International event, which concluded yesterday in Monte Carlo. Here, James Williams covers one of GAIM’s most innovative offerings – The Quickfire Showcase – where managers have 90 seconds to pitch their fund to an investor panel and audience of investors.  …

GAIM International 2012 - Ferguson and Baz – the limits of macroeconomic policy - Hedgeweek Special Day 1,

Hedgeweek have kindly shared a couple of articles with us, focusing on the GAIM International event which ends today in Monte Carlo. Here, James Williams covers the Though Leadership Discussion featuring Jamil Baz and Niall Ferguson.   In the opening panel discussion at Gaim International 2012, GLG Partners’ chief investment strategist Jamil Baz (pictured) started…

Rare Collectibles - Truly Uncorrelated?,

At GAIM International this week in Monaco, Sarah Clar-Boson, Fouding Partner and CEO of Pallatio Alternative Research Group, shares her thoughts on rare collectible assets. GAIM International 2012 is running this week, 18 – 20 June 2012 at Le Méridien Beach Plaza, Monte Carlo. For more information on GAIM, including agendas, speaker line-ups and more, click here to visit…

Euro Crisis - Can Markets Remain Resilient For Long?,

In the run up to GAIM International next week in Monte Carlo, Sophie Van Straelen, President of Asterias Ltd, discusses the Euro crisis and what we can expect.                       Despite renewed concerns over a dramatic costly Euro crisis, markets remain relatively stable in May. “There is plenty of cash to be invested”, mentions David…

Modern Portfolio Theory – the ultimate sales pitch,

Alexander Ineichen is the Founder of Ineichen Research and Management, a research boutique founded in October 2009 focusing on absolute returns and thematic investing. Alexander will be speaking at GAIM International 2012 on ‘What Should We Expect From A Hedge Fund? - What Hedge Fund Strategies Have Proven Themselves To Be True Diversifiers?’. Here, he shares…

The Nature of Alpha,

Arthur M. Berd is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Investment Strategies. In the run up to GAIM International 2012, where he will participate in the panel discussion on “Volatility: Should volatility be viewed as a hedge or an alpha strategy?”, Arthur has kindly shared an extract from his article, ‘The Nature of Alpha’, published…

30 Seconds With... Candice Beaumont,

Ahead of GAIM International this June in Monaco, Candice Beaumont, Managing Director at L Investments, spends 30 seconds with us…   What’s the biggest challenge an investor faces today? Having the time to evaluate every manager and interesting co-investment opportunity that hits your inbox.  There are still only 24 hours in each day and we really…

What Are The Big Industry Themes Under Discussion At GAIM International This Year?,

After a very successful event in 2011, we now look ahead to this year’s GAIM International 2012 event in Monte Carlo in June.  Victoria Chatterton, Senior Conference Director, gives us a snapshot of what to expect.   This year’s GAIM International conference is centered around the following big picture themes.  These reflect both the economic environment and…

30 Seconds With...Rusty Guinn,

 Ahead of GAIM International this June in Monaco, Rusty Guinn, Investments Division, External Public Markets at the Teacher’s Retirement System of Texas, spends 30 seconds with us…   What’s the biggest challenge an investor faces today? Remaining sceptical about his ability to time entry into opportunistic trades. Which asset class do you think holds the most opportunity…

30 Seconds With...Neal Berger,

Ahead of GAIM International this June in Monaco, Neal Berger, President, Eagle’s View Asset Management, spends 30 seconds with us…   What’s the biggest challenge an investor faces today? For those of us who are in the business of investing with ‘best of breed’ talent, and more specifically, strategies that exploit a structural inefficiency in the…

The ‘How To’ Of Networking At GAIM,

Below is a guide detailing how our unique structured networking offering ensures that you connect with the right people at this year’s  GAIM event. Daily Investor Speed-Networking Sign up for a guaranteed introduction and networking with 25 investors in each session. Asset Manager listings Investors will receive listings of all the asset managers in attendance…

What’s New at GAIM International 2012?,

  New! Global Figures Debate The limits Of Macroeconomic Policy. In a groundbreaking session, Professor Niall Ferguson of Harvard University and Jamil Baz, the Chief Investment Strategist at GLG Partners will be offering the historical and the financial perspective on the limits of macroeconomic policy. New! entrepreneurial Address From The Founder Of PayPal and The First Investor In Facebook.…

Chris Vogt, Allstate Investments, on why boutique fund managers are becoming popular with investors,

Chris Vogt of Allstate Investments talks to journalist Kalpana Fitzpatrick at GAIM International 2011 about why boutique fund managers are becoming popular with investors, claiming they are generating better returns with lower risk, as well as giving investors access to the head of the firm– which is being noticed by institutional investors. However, he says…

"If the performance is right, then the fees are irrelevant" - An interview with Oscar Schafer of OSS Capital,

In an interview with journalist Kalpana Fitzpatrick at GAIM International 2011, Oscar Schafer of OSS Capital gave his views on how institutional investors are currently looking for risk managers and explains why he believes that this will backfire overtime, as it will deter performance. He also talks of hedge fund fees, arguing if the performance…

GAIM International 2011 – The Highlights,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick GAIM International 2011 saw over 800 investors, hedge fund managers and industry experts fly into Monaco to attend what has become the most prestigious hedge fund and alternative investment event of the year. Attended by a selection of the world’s top hedge funds managers, industry experts and investors, the event, now in…

Highlights from GAIM International 2011,

This flashback video looks back at some of the highlights from this year’s GAIM International event held in Monaco. The 2011 event was a fantastic success with over 800 attendees, an exciting new Manager Selection & Asset Allocation Summit Day for investors and brand new networking areas to make sure each attendee met the right…

Emerging Markets - Bull or Bear?,

We asked GAIM International 2011 attendees the question “emerging markets, bull or bear?” Here are the results!

China – a bubble?,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick China could well face a crisis over the longer-term, according to Linda Yeuh, fellow in economics at the University of Oxford and visitor at the London Business School. Yeuh, who was speaking at GAIM International 2011 in Monaco, told delegates that China still had bad loans dating back 30 years, as well…

Seeders hold the key to success.,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick Seeding funds could be the way forward for investors seeking risk-adjusted returns and greater transparency. Speaking at GAIM International 2011 in Monaco, Patric De Gentille-Williams of FRM Capital Advisors, said investors can expect high teen returns from seeding funds, but they must show long term commitments. “But they will get greater understanding…

Diversification is key,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick Diversification is key when it comes to asset allocation, delegates at  GAIM International 2011 were told. Speaking at the event in Monaco, Neal Berger, president at Eagle’s View Asset Management, said: “Finding that efficient intersection between risk and reward is the safest investment option today.” David Greenberg, director, absolute return strategies at…

Is Big Better?,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick The best of breed is a dying breed, with smaller boutiques fund managers making their way into investors’ portfolios. Speaking at the GAIM International in Monaco, Gemma Godfrey, chairman of the investment committee at Credo Capital, told delegates that big hedge funds managers should stop calling themselves masters of the universe and…

Hedge fund managers told to think outside the box,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick Being ahead of the curve and able to break new ground can help hedge fund managers maximise success, according to Warren Irwin, president and chief investment officer of Toronto-based Rosseau Asset Management. Speaking ahead of this month’s GAIM International conference in Monaco, Irwin said all too often hedge fund managers followed the…

Women – hedge funds need you!,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick Lack of flexibility and support from senior management is preventing women from becoming hedge fund managers, according to GLG Partners’ Galia Velimukhametova, one of few female hedge fund managers in the industry today. Speaking ahead of this month’s GAIM International conference, portfolio manager Velimukhametova, who is also a member of the 100…

Do You Know What Regulomics Is & How it Will Impact You Moving Forward?,

Check out this new piece of research from one of our top GAIM International speakers- Alexander Ineichen, Founder, Ineichen Research & Management “Do You Know What Regulomics Is & How it Will Impact You Moving Forward?” Read the linked article to find out more! Regulomics stands for more government spending, higher taxes, uncontrolled money supply,…

Hedge fund managers told to communicate better,

By Kalpana Fitzpatrick Poor communication and a lack of understanding of investors’ needs are preventing hedge fund managers from bagging mandates, according to a presentation expert. Benjamin Ball, founder of Benjamin Ball Associates, which coaches teams and business leaders with presentation and pitches, said hedge fund managers underestimated the need for good communication, which was…

Spotlight Series: Chess Grandmaster Ron Henley explains how game strategies help traders,

As President of RWH Advisors, International Chess Grandmaster Ron Henley acts as Special Consultant to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices.  He presented “Learning From A Chess Master: Applying Game Strategy To Systematic Trading” at GAIM International 2010, tracing the hiring of games players to trade in the early 80s to the use…

Spotlight Series: Steve Friedman on Credit strategies and Double Dips,

Steve Friedman, Managing Partner, EOS PARTNERS was a panellist on Global Economic Strategies entitled “What Strategies & Opportunities Should We Be Pursuing & How Can The Hedge Fund Industry Ensure That It Delivers In All Markets & Conditions?” moderated by Dr Chris Jones, Chief Investment Officer, KEY ASSET MANAGEMENT (UK) LIMITED. He was joined in…

Spotlight Series: Bill Browder advises "proceed with caution",

William (Bill) Browder co-founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996, and became the largest foreign investor in the Russian stock market. Then in November 2005, he was suddenly refused entry into Russia on the premise that he was “threat to national security.” In June 2007, officers from the Moscow Interior Ministry raided the Hermitage offices, documents…

Spotlight Series: Anne Sophie D'Andlau of CIAM, Quickfire Showcase winner,

Anne Sophie D’Andlau, CIAM presented and won a Quickfire Showcase. In an interview for the Spotlight Series, Anne Sophie announces the new Mergers Arbitrage Fund, CIAM will launch in August 2010 which will focus on officially announced transactions.  The fund will be based in Paris, listed in Luxembourg and denominated in Euros.  However US investors…

Spotlight Series: Randall Stewart Khan, APS AM, considers the future growth of Asia.,

Bloomberg reports that China has overtaken Japan to become the second largest global economy and foreign investment continues to increase month on month. Foreign direct investment in China climbed in July, highlighting the confidence of companies from Volkswagen AG to Merck & Co. in an economy that surpassed Japan in the second quarter. Investment rose…

Spotlight Series: Mussie Kidane, Pictet, discusses UCITS.,

In a recent article for the FT, Sam Jones, looked at the rising popularity of the UCITS structure outside Europe.  Adjustments in EU laws governing UCITS, have allowed Hedge Fund managers to repackage their strategies and so access the retail and institutional investor markets that had been out of reach.  Recent figures valued the UCITS…

Spotlight Series: Philip Hoffman, The Fine Art Fund explains the value of Art as an Asset Class,

In a report from www.efinancialnews.com The €11.8bn ($15.4bn) Rabobank Pensioenfonds, one of the 100 largest pension schemes in Europe, decided to pull out of funds of hedge funds and put the money into equities, according to its annual report, published last week.  The scheme’s reports show its disaffection with funds of hedge funds began in…

Spotlight Series: Hugh Hendry, Eclectica Asset Management speaking at GAIM International 2010,

Hugh Hendry, CIO & Co-Founder, ECLECTICA ASSET MANAGEMENT went head to head with Mike Novogratz, Principal & Member Of The Board, FORTRESS INVESTMENT GROUP in the THE GAIM INTERNATIONAL 2010 Debate entitled “The Gap In The Curtain – How Great Minds Disagree” which was moderated by Dan Shapiro, Partner, SCHULTE ROTH & ZABEL, Partner, LINCOLN…

Spotlight Series: Robert Giuffrida, Permal on the changing role of Fund of Funds,

Roberto Giuffrida, SVP, Regional Director EMEA, PERMAL participated in the expert faculty discussion “Reinventing The Value Proposition Of Fund Of Funds In A Post-Madoff World To Give Investors Safe Access To Niche Hedge Funds & The Opportunity To Diversify”  He was joined on the panel by Stephen Oxley, MD, PAAMCO EUROPE; Cedric Kohler, Head, Hedge…

Spotlight Series: Luis Rodriguez, Manhattan Family Office discusses risk profiles,

Luis Rodriguez, Chief Risk Officer, MANHATTAN FAMILY OFFICE participated in a panel debate entitled “Rethinking Risk Management & Good Governance” with fellow panellists Marcos Camhis, Director, EFG HEDGE FUND SOLUTIONS;  Martin Gagnon, Co-CEO, INNOCAP; Andrew Sinclair, CIO & Principal, ALPHATRAXX CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD and moderated by Mike Hartwell, Partner, Audit Services, DELOITTE. In an interview…

Spotlight Series: Lauren Sokolowski, Land & Buildings Fund talks Real Estate,

Lauren Sokolowski, Land & Buildings Fund participated in and won a Quickfire Showcase. In an interview for the Spotlight Series, she discusses the beginnings of the Land & Buildings Fund designed to take advantage of the global dislocation of the market after the bubble burst in 2007.  While 70 – 80% of the fund is…

Spotlight Series: Ricardo Weiss, Fapes-Bndes Pension Fund on Alternatives in LatAm.,

Ricardo Weiss, Investment Director, FAPES -BNDES PENSION FUND, Brasil’s 12th largest retirement fund with 4bn under management participated in a special focus panel on Latin American Investors with Melvin Escudero, Head, Investment Risk Supervision, PERUVIAN INSURANCE SUPERINTENDENCY and moderated by Al Samper. In discussion with the Spotlight Series, Ricardo explained some of the constraints placed…

The Spotlight Series with Peter Lupoff, Tiburon Capital Management,

Peter M. Lupoff, Founder TIBURON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, chaired at session at GAIM International 2010 entitled Credit/Distressed – “The Best Opportunity of a Lifetime” Redux. He was joined on the panel by Asset Allocators: Russell E. Lundeberg, Jr, Principal & CIO, BARRETT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC Ingrid Neitsch, Director, FRM Ernesto Prado, CIO & Managing Partner, AYALTIS…

East Coast Bears...,

A. Non was crowned the inaugural Poet Laureate of the Hedge Fund industry, but not without some stiff competition.  The runner up entry was East Coast Bears… an inspired pastiche of the Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls”.  We’re always on the look out for new talent so send us your sonnets and ballads whenever…

A complete round up of news and views from GAIM International 2010,

GAIM International is the “must attend” annual hedge fund conference.  The 2010 event continued that tradition, 16 years in the making.  In addition to the coverage of the event by Beverly Chandler,  we’ve gathered the leading articles and commentary from the business news websites to give you a comprehensive review of this years hugely successful…

CEO of world's largest hedge fund shares outlook,

A CNBC Interview with Peter Clarke, MAN Group. In this interview with XXX on 12 January 2010, Mr Clarke shares his thoughts on XXXXXX

Spotlight Series: Terry Tebbe, mendacity's foe,

Terry Tebbe, Business Intelligence Advisors, spent 31 years as special agent for the US Federal Government working in diverse roles as criminal investigator and behavioural science instructor.  She presented a special showcase at GAIM International 2010 entitled “Detecting Deception & Uncertainty During Interviews” inviting delegates to learn how to measure the transparency & overall reliability…

Supercharged due diligence,

Terry Tebbe of Business Intelligence Advisors is an elegant woman of a certain age, maybe a school principal or someone who runs a not for profit institution. Fittingly, her appearance belies her experience. Tebbe had a lengthy career in law enforcement as a Special Agent with the US Treasury department and now uses her skills…

Big hitters in institutional world discuss alternatives exposure,

The Big Picture Allocation panel this morning at GAIM was moderated by Dr Nadja Pinnavaia, founding partner of Arity Asset Management who moderated Danny Truell, cio of the Wellcome Trust, Tony Broccardo, cio of Barclays Pension Fund and Thomas Thygesen, chief strategist with SEB’s X-Asset Strategies Team. Wellcome, the largest medical research charity, has achieved…

Everyone's talking about us.,

Bears stalk hedgie jamboree – Reuters After 20 percent gains in 2009 and a year of inflows, you might expect the mood in Monaco at the annual GAIM hedge fund conference to be jubilant. Indeed, Martin de Sa’Pinto has identified some crucial developments in delegates’ late-night carousing which point to some renewed confidence…. more here…

And the winner is.......,

 The infamous A Non wins again in GAIM’s inaugural poetry competition, run by the City Poet.  BH Fraser was ably assisted by the cultural elite of the conference circuit who contributed everything from Haikus to Limericks in a bid to become the Poet Laureate of the Hedge Fund Industry.  The Untenable    by A Non Shame on me for a deficit in…

Renowned contrarian meets legendary fund manager in gap in the curtain,

In a characteristically characterful meeting, Hugh Hendry, founder of Eclectica Asset Management andMike Novogratz, principal of Fortress Investment Group discussed gold, the Euro and investing in a deflationary environment. Quoting TS Eliot, Buchan and Tolstoy, Hendry held the cultural high ground declaiming that he had had to face the twin axis of financial evil that is…

Global institutional investors reveal desires,

In a lively satellite link from Greenwich, Rodger Smith of Greenwich Associates reported the findings of a research project across 2,500 large global institutional investors. The principal findings were that going forward the number of hedge funds would be reduced, regulation would get tighter, there would be greater transparency and changes in the fee structure. Needs,…

Nimble is good for fixed income funds,

The expert faculty discussion had a tough time trying to ensure that fixed income is the darling of 2010-2011 at this morning’s opening session. Liquidity in a deflationary environment is the lost piece in the fixed income puzzle. Jeff Kronthal of KLS Diversified says: “We have had a long process of way too much credit so…

Are fund of funds finished?,

The expert faculty discussion on the reinvention of the value proposition of funds of funds in a post-Madoff world seemed to conclude that funds of funds are alive, but only gently kicking, after an exhausting round with redemptive investors. Moderator Kenneth Phillips of Hedgemark International reported surprise at the amount of redemptions that came through…

Winning business models in difficult times,

Dan Shapiro, partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel, and moderator in the Winning Business Models session this morning reflected that sitting there two years ago no-one could have predicted such a period of extreme volatility and difficulties. Panellist Rick Sopher, chairman of 41 year old LCH Investments and managing director of LCF Edmond de Rothschild…

Industry growth,

Speaking at the opening session of GAIM, Yariv Itah, partner at Casey Quirk, predicted growth in the hedge fund industry to US $ 2.8 trillion under management over the next three to five years, half of which would be in funds of funds. Growth is the only opportunity for Itah, while significant challenges lie  in…

A volatile year so far....,

An article by Beverly Chandler. This year so far has brought a huge variety of drama for the world, not just for the hedge fund industry.  But our focus here is on our industry and recently it has had to deal with debt, volcanic ash, government change, regulatory and tax challenges and unprecedented wild weather.…

Who will you meet next week at GAIM International 2010 in Monaco?,

♦      900 INFLUENTIAL EXISTING AND EMERGING PLAYERS in the alternatives world including . “Investors want to see stable businesses managing their money” . “predicts the Japanese equity market will perform surprising well” . “Liquidity has become a key driver” . “How to deliver best-in-class client service?” ♦        400 ASSET MANAGERS from around the world ♦       …

Announcing "The Quickfire Showcase" Line-ups,

. Proud sponsors of our Quickfire showcases bring you 30 unique and exciting Funds. Please join us at the Quickfire Theatre in the central hall to cheer them on. Tuesday 15th June 13.00 -13.25 Presenter Alan Cauberghs Anne-Sophie D’Andlau Rob Duncan Lauren Sokolowski Diego Wauters Bruno Guillemin John Higgins Alexander Jacobse J Bradley Hall Christopher…

Broadening access to the benefits of Hedge Funds,

An Interview with Peter Clarke, chief executive, Man Group plc For Peter Clarke his GAIM International 2010 panel session will focus on many of the themes which echo other industry commentators.  “I will talk about how people are looking at return streams from hedge fund strategies in the context of how to manage the risk…

Pitching to Investors – the most common mistakes made by Hedge Funds,

TOP TIPS from Benjamin Ball Associates Many hedge funds could be better at pitching to investors.  From our work, helping teams pitch and persuade more effectively, we have identified the five  most common investment pitching mistakes:  1.     Not understanding the investor. Too many people go out with a generic presentation and expect it to work…

Determining The Role Of Alternatives In Asset Allocation Going Forward & Redesigning Your Portfolio Strategy To Fit With The New Realities Of Current Liabilities,

An Article by Nadja Pinnavaia, Arity Asset Management Asset allocation in a portfolio seeks to lower risk through diversification.  However both short-term as well as medium and long-term trends indicate that correlation across major asset classes is rising, resulting in ineffective diversification.  Further, empirical evidence supports rising correlations of nominally diverse markets over time, due…

STOP PRESS: QuickFire Showcase opens for registration...,

SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO JENNY ADAMS AT jadams@icbi.co.uk . Request to sign-up for QuickFire Showcase will be sent Monday June 7th at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET/ 9am SET Asset Managers, ensure you are fully registered and paid up in order to have a chance to participate in our highly effective and famous GAIM International…

Asset Managers, want to know what Investors are looking for?,

250+ investors have told us as part of the GAIM International 2010 Investor Survey.  Some of the key strategies of interest are listed below but the most important outtake is that, unlike previous years, investors are looking for funds that outperform regardless strategy. If you have a great fund, now is the time to start…

The hunt is on to find the GAIM International Poet Laureate,

The Hedge Fund world all know the famous GAIM Laureate, Nassim Nicholas Taleb (back on the stage Tuesday 15th June 2010 at 12.00 at GAIM International Monaco), but what about the no- less controversial GAIM International Poet Laureate? Yes, with the aid of infamous The City Poet, B.H. Fraser, the hunt is on to find…

UCITS & Managed Accounts,

An Interview with Mussie Kidane, Pictet. Mussie Kidane, head of fund selection at Pictet, is speaking at GAIM this year in the Investor Summit on UCITS and Managed Accounts. UCITS have gained unexpected support over recent years as the strength of their passporting characteristics has gained and the breadth of fields in which they can…

Hedge Fund Industry Dynamics and Consolidation Trends,

An Article by Kerry Stirton, Red Mountain Capital Partners. Most of the fundamental drivers of growth in the alternative investment sector over the past ten years have largely been maintained, or in some instances accentuated: more strategic choices for allocators, talented investment managers and traders, superior investment performance, somewhat better correlation features, and more aligned…


on Friday 18th of June at the Exclusive Monaco Golf club GAIM will be hosting a Networking Golf day at the world-famous Monaco Golf Club on the Friday, after the GAIM International 2010 Conference.   Finish the conference off in perfect style, build on relationships established over the preceding few days and benchmark your golfing abilities…

Investor Research - Client Concerns & Distribution Strategies,

An Article by Rodger Smith, Managing Director, Greenwich Associates. The global financial crisis has brought a series of transformational changes to the hedge fund industry.  In a recent survey conducted by Ernst & Young and my firm, Greenwich Associates, hedge fund managers cited a host of developments that are altering the structure of their industry. …

Global Economic Strategy,

An Interview with Steve Friedman, Managing Partner, Eos Partners Steven M Friedman has served as a Managing Partner at Eos Partners since its formation in 1994. Eos invests in credit strategies, equities and private equity giving it a unique perspective of the currently challenging markets. In answer to the question, how can the hedge fund…

Winning Business Models,

An article by Byron R. Wien, Blackstone Advisory Services Over the past year, two important shifts have become clear.  The first is that economic power is definitively shifting from Europe and the United States to Asia and the developing world.  Political power may eventually shift as well.  The developing world is gaining about a percentage…

Global Macro Investment Strategy,

An interview with Elena Ambrosiadou, IKOS Elena Ambrosiadou, chairman and chief executive officer of the IKOS Group with US$ 1.6 bn under management is speaking at the forthcoming GAIM International 2010 conference on the Global Macro investment strategy. Founded in 1991, IKOS was one of the first independent hedge funds in Europe and is a…

Welcome to the GAIM International Blog,

GAIM International is the world’s largest hedge fund conference.  It has been running for 15 years and regularly attracts over 300+ investors and 400+ asset managers.  Our blog is a great place for you to gather the latest views from the industry and is aimed at bridging the information and networking gap between our annual…

GAIM International 2010,

GAIM International is the world’s largest hedge fund conference.  It has been running for 15 years and regularly attracts over 300+ investors and 400+ asset managers. Key Themes To Be Discussed At GAIM International 2010 Include: Family Office Discussion: Overcoming The Disconnect Between Risk & Return How Are Both Large & Small Family Offices From…


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